We are blessed to live in a place with iconic western wildlife right out our back doors. The Palisades Bench, where Elk Ridge subdivision is situated, has always been prime big game winter range, supporting large herds of elk and mule deer through the critical winter period. Smaller numbers of mule deer and elk use the bench year round, and share it with a diversity of other critters, including whitetailed deer, moose, sharptailed and ruffed grouse, coyotes, hawks and owls, and a diversity of smaller animals and birds. Spend enough time watching the mountains with the right optics and you can see, from the comfort of your home, other interesting beasts like mountain goats, and the occasional black bear. Grizzlies and wolves occasionally pass through the adjacent Palisade Range, though the odds of you ever seeing one here are very low. There are a number of places where one can pretty consistently find mountain lion tracks in the mountains not far from Elk Ridge.

Everyone who lives in Elk Ridge enjoys seeing wildlife, and some of us thrive on it and keep binoculars and spotting scopes where they can be quickly grabbed. Many of us are now, or were at some point in our lives, hunters. However, as much as we might love the critters that are here, we need to realize that the choice to live in a place like Elk Ridge is a choice to impact a piece of what was once open, and important wildlife habitat.

The goal of these of articles is to share information and ideas with those that want to do what they can to minimize their impact here, and to the degree possible manage their properties to benefit the wildlife that help make living here so enjoyable. These articles are meant to be living documents that will be added to, commented on, and amended going forward. To that end I hope our property owners will share your thoughts, comments and suggestions. I’ll see that they get added to the end of each article in blog-type format. At some point we may upgrade the website to allow for direct posting, but for now please email your input to me at [email protected]

This will be a work in progress over time, so check back frequently to see what’s new and up on the site. Happy reading.

Upcoming Articles

  • Elk Ridge habitats and history
  • Wildlife, not too long ago and now
  • Weeds, enemy number 1 and how to kill them
  • Plantings and landscaping to benefit wildlife
  • Fences, considerations before you build one
  • Restoring areas of native vegetation

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